Rigodrole Do Not Fall

Hello ! we are Th0re and Gostix ! thx for taking a look at our game.

This game was made for the lundumdare 49.

It was made with quadplay, paint.net and audacity.

All assets are homemade and we hope you like it !

The main goal of this game is to stay alive longer than the other player (you can also play solo and try to get a high score !)

You can use a keyboard or the gamepad of your choice thx to quadplay neat gamepade handling.

- player 1 keyboard control : a, d and space to jump ( q, d and space to jump for azerty )

- player 1 and 2 gamepad control : left joystick for control and X or A for jump

- player 2 keyboard control : j, l and /  to jump ( j, l and ! to jump for azerty)
(gamepads seems a bit buggy on Firefox but works fine on Chrome and Edge)

PS : the viral database is not really updated     ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Merci Maxence !